Bounce House Rental Agreement Sample

When planning a party or event, bounce houses are a popular form of entertainment for both kids and adults. However, before renting a bounce house, it`s important to have a rental agreement in place to protect both the renter and the rental company. Here is a sample of what a bounce house rental agreement could include:

1. Rental Period: The agreement should specify the exact dates and times of the rental period, including when the rental company will set up and take down the bounce house.

2. Payment: The rental fee, deposit amount, and any additional charges (such as delivery and set-up fees) should be listed, along with the payment and refund policies.

3. Responsibility: The renter should take full responsibility for the bounce house during the rental period, including any damage or theft. The rental company may include specific rules for using the bounce house, such as no shoes allowed or a maximum number of users at one time.

4. Liability Waiver: The renter should sign a liability waiver, acknowledging the potential risks of using a bounce house and agreeing to hold the rental company harmless in case of any injuries or accidents.

5. Insurance: The rental company may require the renter to have liability insurance in case of any damages or injuries during the rental period.

6. Cancellation Policy: The agreement should include a cancellation policy, outlining the circumstances under which the renter can cancel the rental and any penalties that may apply.

Having a rental agreement in place not only protects both parties, but it also ensures a smooth and enjoyable experience for all. So, make sure to read and understand all the terms of the agreement before signing and renting a bounce house for your next event.